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Hello Margot fans! We bring you a very exclusive gift… Additional outtakes from the gorgeous photo session Margot did for V magazine back in 2013! We ask you to please do not remove the tag.

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Hello Margot fans! Our gallery has been recently updated with new outtakes from Margot’s photo sessions for Look! Salzburg and Glamour Mexico, all taken this year. Another new addition is one outtake of the Suicide Squad cast for Empire’s September issue. Enjoy the adds!

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We’ve got our hands on some exclusive outtakes from Oyster magazine and we knew we needed to share with you guys, as they are absolutely stunning! Along with these exclusive outtakes, we’ve also added to our gallery three outtakes from Margot’s and The Legend of Tarzan cast photoshoot taken by Kurt Isvarinko and one outtake from Calvin Klein. Enjoy!

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Hello Margot fans! We have a little surprise for you– we have added to our gallery additional photoshoots of Margot, taken from 2013 t0 2016! Along with the additions, we also replaced a couple of outtakes with bigger versions. Enjoy!

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Hello Margot fans! Our gallery has been updated with additional outtakes from some photoshoots Margot did the past few years, along with two photoshoots we had missing from 2011, 2014 and 2015. Enjoy!

019.jpg 003.jpg 001.jpg 016.jpg
004.jpg 001.jpg 019.jpg 001.jpg

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Hello Margot fans! Our gallery has been updated with additional photos from three of Margot’s 2016 photoshoots. I particularly love the NY Times session – Margot looks stunning. Enjoy!

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Hello Margot fans! I just finished adding another 20 photos of Margot behind the scenes of her Deep Euphoria Fragrance Advert for Calvin Klein to our gallery, and just, wow… I am actually speechless, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. Make sure to check them out in our gallery, and check out Neide’s post from yesterday if you haven’t seen the actual ad yet.

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Another day, another ‘Suicide Squad’ promotion in Japan update! Even more photos of Margot’s photoshoot for Spur in Tokyo have been released, and we have added 5 pretty new photos to our gallery. Sadly the interview is once again in Japanese, but those who understand it can check it our here. We’re working to find a translation of all of Margot’s Japanese press articles, so hopefully we’ll have them in English soon. Enjoy the photos –

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Hello Margot fans! While promoting Suicide Squad in Japan, Margot, Will Smith and Karen Fukuhara sat down with Emiko Ishigami from Cinema Today. The trio spoke about the “villain boom”, Harley’s costume and much more about the movie. Once again, the interviews are in Japanese, so if anyone would like to help us out regarding the translation don’t hesitate and contact us here. Original interview can be found here.

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Since ‘Suicide Squad’ hits the theaters in Japan this weekend, we are finally getting a lot of photos and articles from the days Margot and her co-stars were in Tokyo (Around August 25)! Following the two new images from the ‘Spur’ Tokyo photoshoot we added yesterday, we have even more photos today. Once again the interviews are in Japanese, so if anyone are able to help us translate them, please get in touch. Original articles can be found here and here.

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