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Another day, another ‘Suicide Squad’ promotion in Japan update! Even more photos of Margot’s photoshoot for Spur in Tokyo have been released, and we have added 5 pretty new photos to our gallery. Sadly the interview is once again in Japanese, but those who understand it can check it our here. We’re working to find a translation of all of Margot’s Japanese press articles, so hopefully we’ll have them in English soon. Enjoy the photos –

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Hello Margot fans! While promoting Suicide Squad in Japan, Margot, Will Smith and Karen Fukuhara sat down with Emiko Ishigami from Cinema Today. The trio spoke about the “villain boom”, Harley’s costume and much more about the movie. Once again, the interviews are in Japanese, so if anyone would like to help us out regarding the translation don’t hesitate and contact us here. Original interview can be found here.

01.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg

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Margot’s upcoming thriller “Terminal”, produced by her own production company LuckyChap Entertainment (which you can read more about here), will be at TIFF – Highland Film Group, who handles the international sales for the film, will debut selected footage to potential buyers at the festival. Read more about it below! Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now also have the first promotional picture for the film. Margot looks fierce!

The Hollywood Reporter – Highland Film Group is handling international sales and will debut select footage to buyers at TIFF. Margot Robbie is now wearing more hats. The Suicide Squad star not only stars in the upcoming thriller Terminal, but produced the film as well.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter debuts a first-look image from Vaughn Stein’s noir thriller, which features Robbie’s mysterious character standing with a cigarette.

The film, also starring Simon Pegg, Max Irons, Mike Myers and Dexter Fletcher, follows two hitmen who, while on a job, meet Robbie’s dynamic character — who may have more to do with their case than they initially thought.

Highland Film Group is handling international sales and screening select footage of the new film to buyers at the Toronto Film Festival while CAA is selling the U.S. rights.

David Barron of BeaglePug, Molly Hassell and Highland Film Groups’s Arianne Fraser produced the film alongside Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, Sophia Kerr and Robbie under their LuckyChap Entertainment banner.

Terminal is Robbie’s first film as a producer. She’s also attached to star in and produce a Tonya Harding film called I, Tonya and a possible Harley Quinn spin-off movie for Warner Bros.

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Since ‘Suicide Squad’ hits the theaters in Japan this weekend, we are finally getting a lot of photos and articles from the days Margot and her co-stars were in Tokyo (Around August 25)! Following the two new images from the ‘Spur’ Tokyo photoshoot we added yesterday, we have even more photos today. Once again the interviews are in Japanese, so if anyone are able to help us translate them, please get in touch. Original articles can be found here and here.

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On August 25, the “Suicide Squad” premiered in Japan. For the occasion, Margot did a photo call and a couple of interviews in Tokyo before the big main event! Photos have began to surface, and I have added a few to our gallery; 4 of which are in HQ.

Since all the interviews are in Japanese, I am having difficulties translating them. If there’s anyone who could help, please get in touch! We would love to have these translated to English. A couple of points have been written below though, and hopefully we’ll have the full interviews soon. The two original articles/interviews can be found here and here. (Both in Japanese)

  • Margot says she both could and wants to play the character Harley Quinn forever.
  • When asked if she used any characters as “reference” when portraying Harley, Margot says she mostly used the original comics more than anything.
  • She says one of the biggest issues with her sexy costume, was that it was very difficult to hide all her bruises in it. She did most of her stunts by herself, which resulted in a lot of marks on her body.
  • Margot started preparing for the role 6 months before they started working, working out with a personal trainer every day, a jiu-jitsu trainer 3 times a week and gun-practice every other day.
  • When asked about her beauty and work out routines, Margot states that after the tough training program ahead of this film, she doesn’t want to work out at all for a long time. But she still has to, as she’s playing sktater Tonya Harding up next, and needs to be in shape for it. She does not follow any restricted diets, though.

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Hello Margot fans! Thanks to my friend Jenna, our gallery has now been updated with two additional outtakes from the ‘Spur’ Tokyo photoshoot Margot did while they were promoting ‘Suicide Squad’ in Japan. I have also replaced one of our previous photos with one in better quality. She was photographed by Masakazu Sugino, and she looked fantastic! You can find all 4 images in our gallery…

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Following up the appearance on the talk show Sukkiri, Margot and her Suicide Squad co-stars Will Smith and Karen Fukuhara attended the Japan premiere of the movie. Photos have been added to our gallery, and you can watch a video of the trio from the moment they arrived at the premiere to their presentation inside the theater!

01.jpg 013.jpg 01.jpg 011.jpg

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