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The last couple of days have been extremely hectic for Margot (and us!), and there’s been so many updates here at the site that they’re spread across 3 pages. Margot has been everywhere at the film festival, and we know it might have been hard to keep up with everything she’s been up to. Therefore, we’ve put together this little summary of the festival – hopefully making it easier for everyone to read up on what Margot has been up to, now that it’s all collected in one place. The festival has blessed us with countless new photos, interviews, videos and articles, and we’ve attempted to pick out the best and most important parts of it for you here. We’ve learned so much about the upcoming ‘I, Tonya’ this weekend, and I’ve done my best at summarizing it for you.

After weeks of anticipation, The 2017 Toronto International Film Festival kicked off Thursday 7th of September! Margot was photographed arriving at the Toronto airport that night, confirming that she would be at the festival to promote her upcoming film ‘I, Tonya’. Some background information on the film, for those who’ve had trouble keeping up with all of Margot’s latest projects: the film is based on the real events surrounding the life of ice skater Tonya Harding. In 1994, she was implicated in the kneecapping of rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. The film’s IMDb page reads as follows – “Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises among the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the sport is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.” The movie entered TIFF with a widely reported $6 million offer from CBS Films already on the table, with some rumors circulating that the company had already closed the sale. We learned early on during the festival that the film was without a distributor, and a major bidding war for it was expected.

We got the first look at Margot ready for the madness to kick off on Friday morning, heading to the IMDb Studio at the Visa Infinite Lounge for her first studio visit of the day. For the occasion, she was wearing a Frame slounchy trenchcoat accessorized with a heart shaped Yves Saint Laurent Love Box Leather Shoulder Bag.

At the IMDb studio, Margot was joined by her co-stars Sebastian Stan and Allison Janney, as well as the film’s director Craig Gillespie. While there, Margot revealed how Tonya Harding reacted to the big-screen adaption of her life story. We also got some new information on some of the physical challenges of filming a realistic figure skating movie from the director. He explained that Margot did so many of the scenes by herself, but some of the ice skating had to be computer generated. One of these: Tonya’s famous triple axel. When Craig went to the skating coordinator of the film, Sara, and asked for a skater who could do the triple axel scenes, he was simply told “no”. Why? There’s only 6 women who have done it before, and the 2 who are currently doing it are going to be in the Olympics – and therefore couldn’t risk it.

He went on to highly praise Margot for how much she managed to do on camera. They also talked about how the biopic will help change opinions about the embattled former figure skater and the controversy that surrounded her, but Margot explained that it was never their intention to change people’s opinion. The videos of the cast at the studio can be viewed in our video play list which is linked at the bottom of this post. Following their IMDb studio visit, the cast went on to attend a string of different studios – suck as Vanity Fair, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Buzzfeed and deadline.

Studio/Magazine Visits

> The Hollywood Reporter: At their THR visit, Margot, Sebastian, Allison and Craig talk about their meeting with Tonya Harding, and how they researched her life to prepare for the film. Margot reveled she seriously underestimated the sport, and that the training was very difficult. After she went on to claim her portrayel of Tonya Harding is Irony free (click link for full article by THR). At the studio they also did a portrait sessions, which included some of our favorite photos from the festival:

> Vanity Fair: One of the first headlines to make it out of the festival was that Margot didn’t know Tonya Harding was a real person. “I thought it was entirely fictionalized and our writer Steve was so creative to come up with the quirky characters and absurd incidents.” During her visit at the Vanity Fair studio, she explained that she went down an internet rabbit hole of research to study every YouTube video of Harding she could find after learning that the 1994 incident was a real event (Click here for full article from VF). After her interview, she posed for a beautiful portrait which can be seen in our gallery here.

> LA Times: At the Los Angeles Times studio, Margot and the others did yet another portrait session. Sebastian and Margot also chatted to them about why ‘I, Tonya’ is a love story, and how they experienced portraying such a complicated couple. Sebastian said he always considered the film a love story, stating that “Don’t we all love crazy, stupid love stories”. Margot felt what Sebastian brought to his character changed the story completely, and said it was a difficult relationship to navigate because of the obvious awful sides to it. She felt it was a really bizarre love story to do. We were blessed with two different shoots from the studio; one of Margot, Sebastian and Allison together, and one in Polaroid style of Margot alone.

> Buzzfeed: At the buzzfeed studio, Margot and other celebrities re-created 1940s Hollywood Glamour Shots. We got a gorgeous black and white photo of her posing on a couch. After the solo shoot, the entire cast and crew got together for a group session, before Margot, Allison, Sebastian and Craig wrapped up the session with yet another photoshoot. These are our absolute favorites from the festival – and judging by the gallery views and twitter interaction, most of you seem to share our opinion!

> People Entertainment: During the festival, People Entertainment photographed celebrities with different puppies as a part of an #AdoptDontShop campaign that’s going on over at instagram. Margot took photos with a beautiful puppy, and you can see their outtake here. She also did a portrait session with the ‘I, Tonya’ cast.

> Deadline: “I wanted to meet her to kind of say that I’m going to create a character. Wherever this film takes us, this is not me trying to replicate you,” Margot said about Harding during her interview with Deadline. “It was interesting to hear her perspective on things that we thought we knew. It’s always going to sound different from the person who it happened to.” She and her ‘I, Tonya’ co-stars and director answered a couple of questions (which can be seen in our video playlist, linked below) before completing yet another photo session.

‘I, Tonya’ Premiere
After a busy day with many different studio visits and interviews, the cast were ready for the world premiere of the film! Margot walked the red carpet in a beautiful light blue Erdem Pre Spring 2018 collection dress with floral pattern, answering a couple of questions from different press sites before the screening of the film began. While the screening was going on, we nervously awaited the first reactions and reviews… To our major joy, almost all seemed to be glowing! Upproxx called it “The darling of the Toronto International Film Festival” and said the film is going to be huge; Collider wrote that “With a wickedly sharp script Steven Rogers and outstanding performances from the lead cast, especially Margot Robbie, I, Tonya rewrites the stale script both of Harding’s legacy and the tragedy-to-triumph sports narrative”; Vanity Fair wrote that “Tonya Harding continues to fascinate—particularly as played by a gripping and forceful Margot Robbie, who commands a film that sometimes feels like a mad dash through a story so absurd and tawdry it just has to be true”. In addition to the many great reviews for the film (you can read quite a lot of them in our reviews round-up here), several magazines/websites and others who were lucky to be present at the screening stated that this performance could just land Margot her first Oscar nomination.

After the world premiere of ‘I, Tonya’ on friday, Margot and the cast and crew attended a Q&A to talk about the film. During this session, director Gillespie revelead it was Roger’s script that drew him to the project, saying ““it was such a dance between obviously the humor and the emotion … to take these characters we know so well in the public eye and really get a deeper sense of who they are as people and what motivated them — and the choices and the mistakes they made along the way — just made for a really compelling story.”. Margot followed up by saying that one of the scenes, where her character Tonya Harding and Gillooly argue and fight, “ended up being my favorite scene because I forgot that I was acting completely…. Nothing makes me more exhilarated, when I genuinely forget that, I forget where I am.”

The wrapped up the busy day with a premiere party presented by Hugo Boss.

Day 2

Following her busy first day at the festival, Margot appeared on Saturday to do even more promotion! The ‘I, Tonya’ team started their day by visiting the Variety Studio at TIFF presented by AT&T.

Up next was a visit to “TheWrap” Studio. Here they were interviewed by Matt Donnelly, and talked a lot about the relationship between Tonya and Jess. “We actually spoke about the domestic violence a lot before shooting and especially when casting our Jeff,” Margot told Donnelly. “It was so hard to find the person who could make the violence not seem premeditated and more reactionary, which is what Sebastian [Stan] did.” TheWrap wrote – “Margot revelead she was concerned that they had gone too far in telling the domestic violence angle of Harding’s story. ‘All the way through preproduction, all the way through shooting — ‘Have we lost the audience now? Have we pushed too far? Is he still redeemable? Is she still redeemable?’ she said. ‘Like, where is that line and how do we kind of walk along it?’. She believes that breaking the fourth wall and having her character talk directly to the audience helped solve that problem. ‘I think, in that way, people were, like, ‘She’s fine. She’s talking to us.’ So it was a little easier to handle.’” They also posed for yet another photoshoot, and three beautiful photos from it can be found in our gallery.

Saturday evening (September 9), Margot attended The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and InStyle’s annual celebrations of the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival at Windsor Arms Hotel. She went for a look that was completely different from the premiere, a stunning velvet YSL Yves Saint Laurent design – and she looked amazing! At the event, she told InStyle: “I have a thing about Saint Laurent dresses, LBD. It’s my fav. I’m gonna go have an espresso martini – I need the caffeine hit, but I also would love to have a cocktail.” She was joined at the party by stars like Nicole Kidman, George Clooney, Elle Fanning, Jake Gyllenhaal, Octavia Spencer, Elisabeth Moss, Evan Rachel Wood, Brie Larson, Jessica Chastain, and James Franco (to name only a few).

Monday morning, Margot was photographed back home in London. We complete the festival by learning that ‘I, Tonya’ was sold to Neon and 30West, becoming one of the biggest sales to come out of this year’s TIFF. The quite new boutique distributor recently had success with the film ‘Ingrid Goes West’, and it seems like ‘I, Tonya’ will be least as successful as that one…

That’s it for the 2017 Toronto Film Festival, and what will hopefully be the start of a very busy award season for Margot! We hope you’ve had as much fun following our updates this weekend as we’ve had making them, and make sure to check back regularly the coming days for additional coverage. We’ll soon have more photos from premiere up in our gallery, and we expect there might be another portrait or two trickling in in the near future. Stay tuned!

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